May 21, 2024


IS THIS ARMY BAG? Well, almost. (It’s actually from a video game. Hee-hee.) This is the official limebarb cosplay emergency kit. Let’s face it. No one plans on having someone step on their marvelous train that they spent months making, or running into a wall and breaking their helmet because they are blinded by camera flashes. But accidents happen. Here’s a list of things we’ve found essential for keeping costumes intact.

SAFETY PINS: pin a few under your sleeves/cape/ skirt.
NEEDLE AND THREAD: bobbins are less bulky, and you get the right color!
SCISSORS: besides their obvious usefulness, they can also be brandished in front of rabid fanboys/girls that may potentially glomp you and ruin your costume.
HOT GLUE GUN: or superglue for prop disasters.
DOUBLE SIDED TAPE: because you can’t safety pin your outfit to your flesh. Well, you can. But you’ll ruin your outfit.
DRESS SHIELDS: protect your costumes from sweat stains, and helps cut down on dry cleaning costs.
BANDAIDS: for sore feet and other parts.
BOBBY PINS & WIGCAPS: to keep hair/wigs in place all day.
PILLS: for headaches, backaches, foot aches, and other aches.