June 25, 2024


Well, it’s been half a year since the last update. We should change this section to the ‘biannuals’. So, what the heck have Barb and Julia been up to? Well, making costumes of course! 😛 It’s been so incredibly busy over at our commission site cosplay.com that we haven’t had time to give limebarbcosplay.com any love. So sad, I know. But in the magical, whimsical, sometimes exhausting world of commissioning, customers always come first. We haven’t been to a convention in over 6 months, so at ACen this year we had to make up for the lost time and have more fun than ever!

The highlight of the weekend for us was definitely meeting Junko Mizuno, Japanese illustrator, manga-ka, and the cutest, tiniest thing you ever did see. We have toyed with the thought of making costumes from her illustrations before (mostly for the insane wigs), and when she was announced as a guest for ACen this year, we had our small golden window of opportunity. (i.e. making the costumes in a week. Haha!) She was kind enough to sign the back of our coats for us; some call it defacing, but we call it LOVE~!

Junko Mizuno with Julia and Limebarb

Sadly, we did not see much of our hotel roommates this weekend, who was Jim and Zach (aliases Strippervash and Voltz). All we caught were some few candid shots of them; the only proof of their existence. They were like endangered species this weekend. We hear they had fun in the masquerade. One day Barb and Julia might compete at ACen again, although we’ve only competed at ACen once ever back in 2003. We keep planning to but things happen. >_<

*RARE ITEM!* The Voltz, hunting and gathering styrofoam

Mostly this weekend was spent relaxing and talking with everyone we haven’t seen in months; some since last ACen! We started going to conventions as an escape from everyday life, but more and more we realize that we miss the people at conventions that have become our friends. Cons… creeping into our reality…. scary. o_O (Then again, when you commission costumes, con people ARE your everyday life!) We love y’all and any of you readers see us at cons this season, come up and say hi!

*RARE ITEM!* The Strippervash, blending in with natural (feminine) surroundings

THANKS, AND HOLLAS: First and foremost, Zach and Jim our friends and favorite con roomies. Jim, thank you so much for hauling our mini costume museum to and fro, and putting up with our nonsense. Lionel, for the always titillating conversations! Ziggy, for taking time out of your busy schedule to fit us in some great pics! Eurobeat King, for grabbing your camera for us Thursday night! Mike from Deathcom and his minions, for always setting time aside for us. (And being able to search us out like bloodhounds!) Jacquie, for being the hottest redhead at ACen this year! Be a ‘natural redhead’ now! Geneve, it was weird to see you without blue hair! o_O Beverly, for being our favorite cosplay princess and dancing the night away on Sunday in the city! AllStarAlice, RivvyChica, Heidi, Bobbi, R1kku; come join our harem! YUSS! RJ was dutiful enough to check our badges in the dealer’s room! (Way to recognize us!) Jenn, Corey, Stone, Felicia, Brandon, and the rest of the Iowans. You are the ultimate party machines. 😛 Stephen and the Spoony Bards for letting Julia rock out with y’all! Julia’s parents, for coming to see what all the commotion was about. Erik and Eric and Kyle, bodyguards/sanity suppliers. Matthew, for learning 5 songs in a week just to satiate Julia’s karaoke/cosplay dream. The action security guard with whom Julia danced in full Rydia attire while singing Katamari Damacy tunes. Thanks for not kicking us off the piano. 😛 (How could you after being serenaded by a green monster?) Enrique, can’t wait for the final video! Your work is amazing! Pikminlink, it was so awesome to finally meet you; sorry we couldn’t help with your costume supply scavenger hunt! The Canadians, (Chris and company) who chilled with us while getting ready Thursday night. Devonne – thank you for letting us crash your panel! We picked up some tips from you as well! Darcy, Will, and Yui… where were your costumes? Don’t make us sad like that anymore! Anyone who recognized us in costume, despite the fact we were wearing new ones. That’s always a surprise!