June 25, 2024

Cosplay dress up the Halloween guide that makes you shine!

It’s time for Halloween, which is loved by young people around the world. We are generally used to refer to Halloween and Halloween (Halloween) as Halloween, and think it is a Western ghost festival. In fact, today’s Halloween has undergone a qualitative change compared to the original Halloween: if the original Halloween is a festival of rituals, today’s Halloween is the carnival of young people. Because during the holiday season, children usually wear makeup clothes, put on masks, and collect candy from house to house; young people will dress up as witches, clowns, zombies and other ghosts to participate in the masquerade ball or go to the streets to parade, completely without the original Halloween. Night ritual activities.


The story of Halloween origin is like this
Most researchers believe that Halloween originally originated in
Celtic Savon Festival in the British Isles and Ireland

In the 500th century BC, the Celts in Ireland and Scotland believed that October 31 was the end of the summer, and November 1 was the first day of the winter, so the night of October 31 was particularly dangerous. When the night is over, all kinds of evil spirits will appear by the call of Savin (Death). In order to be born again, these evil spirits will return to their former residences, hoping to find a living and reborn in the living. In order to avoid being killed by evil spirits and scare away evil ghosts, the Celtics will extinguish the fire, candlelight, masks, dress themselves as monsters and ghosts, and send out strange ghosts. It can’t find a living person.


But these tricks did not deceive the death of Savin, so the Celtic priest Druid set off a bonfire at midnight the day before the Savin Festival, offering animals as sacrifices to the god of death. In some areas, priests even used living people as sacrifices. This cruel ritual was abolished until it was conquered by the Roman Empire.

The original Halloween and Halloween are regional traditions, and with the abolition of the sacrifices, Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Europe. Until the Irish colonized North America, this traditional festival was brought to the New World. Halloween and Halloween ushered in new vitality and development, removing the activities of the original priests and ancestors, and became the grand spree of the young people who swept the world. festival.

Cosplay dress up the Halloween

Halloween is reminiscent of all kinds of cosplay, and when it comes to cosplay, you have to mention the neon country. This country that treats Halloween as cosplay is really a good atmosphere.

Although Halloween originated in the West, Halloween Carnival Japan can not lose Europe and the United States. The beginning of the epidemic began with Disney’s Halloween activities in the 1990s and spread to the whole country. It has grown slowly, and now it is more and more lively every year. Now it is one of the most anticipated carnivals every year. A variety of people dressed in exotic clothes walk on the street, realistic dressing horrible makeup can really be said to be the real version of “Hundred Ghosts Night”!

Cosplay dress up the Halloween

In addition to the well-dressed participants during the Halloween event, there are DJ police and English-speaking staff. After all, this is not a simple carnival in recent years, but also a season-based tourism project that foreign tourists are also happy to visit. First, how do you spend your Halloween?

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